Shenzhen Hua Wenpeng Printing C., Ltd.

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Fiona Feng (Overseas sale) Cellphone:  137 6049 6016
Ryan Zhu (Overseas sales)   Cellphone: 138 2871 9250
Tel: 86-755- 27512070
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Address: 36tth Xingda Road,The FourthIndustrial Zone , Yangchuan  Street, Song gang Town, Shenzhen of Guangdong Province,China

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Shenzhen Hua Wenpeng Printing Co., Ltd is a professional printing and packaging integratedsupplier,Company is equipped with importedGermany Roland UV offset printing machines、Automaticscreen printing machine、Automatic PP / PET / PVC gluemachine、Automatic semiautomatic diecut machine、Cylindercurling、High Frequency、Ultrasoundand a full set of production equipment;(Hard and soft)PVC、PET、PP、PC、PU leather、EVA、3D lenticular、Gold andsilver laser card、Synthetic Paper、Stickers series and other professional UV offset printing. Ourproducts include PET/PVC/PP Plastic box、Plasticbags、Soft box、Cylinder、Plastic boxes、PVC/EVA Soft bags、PP Bag、 PP/PVC Folder、Paper bags、Brochure、Cigarettecase、Wine box、CD package、Notepad、2D/3Dlenticular、Wine box、Bumppainting、Membership card、Elevator、Mouse pad、Advertising fan, as well as avariety of fine plastic gifts;Products are used indaily chemical、Medicine、Alcoholand Tobacco、Clothing、Electronic、Gift、Toy、Stationery、Food、High-end product packaging of householdgoods and otherproducts.Our products sell well in Japan Europe、United States、Canada and other parts of theworld……